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How Best to Drink Whiskey

The best way to drink whiskey is a debate that has raged through many decades, overall the world and many age groups. What do you drink it with? What do you drink it from? Is it blasphemy to add whiskey to a cocktail?

The real answer is that it’s your whiskey. You drink it how you like it, because once it’s in your glass it’s your whiskey, and no one should tell you how to drink what is yours. Here at Lambay, we’re no strangers to trying things differently, so we wanted to provide you with a variety of options.

Whiskey Neat

Arguably the most popular way to drink whiskey, it’s as simple as putting the whiskey into the glass and enjoying it. But take time to appreciate it. Nose the whiskey in the glass to appreciate the flavours. Try inhaling with your mouth open to bring out other tones, and should you have a notebook, jot some of those flavours down. Next, taste a small amount, and let it sit for a time before moving it around your mouth, getting a feel for the palate, and swallow. Look at the flavours within the glass, see what you can find, and don’t be afraid to say the first thing that comes to mind.

Whiskey with Water

When adding water to whiskey, be careful of the one rule, ‘you can add it, but you can’t take it away’. A drop of water helps those quiet and subdued flavours evolve and shine but be careful you don’t over-do it. Higher cask strength whiskeys appreciate a drop of water to release the oils and aromas, be careful with standard whiskeys at 40% abv / 80 Proof, you don’t want to ruin it!

Whiskey with Ice

Ice cools things down, let’s start with that. In the hotter parts of the world that addition can be welcome, when the temperature outside is souring and you want something to cool you down the ice is welcome and has the added benefit of slowly adding water as it melts, helping flavours pop once more and showcasing more mellow vanilla and fruit-driven side of a whiskey as opposed to spicy heat. In the cooler parts of the world, however, that cooling may not be as welcome, which neatly takes us onto the next section.

Whiskey with Heat

Not something that can be done in a bar, it’s easier to do at home. Resting your glass next to a heater helps to warm the whiskey, bringing out the flavour. In the colder countries, it can be a welcome addition, heating up the vanilla and spice of a whiskey to make something different.

Whiskey in Cocktails

Something we’re fond of here at Lambay Whiskey is whiskey cocktails. Just like our story is a blend of two great families, cocktails resonate with our finish to deliver something unique in the world of cocktails. At that point in time, it’s down to your palette of sweet or sour, herbal or fruity. Asking you best bartender to match your flavours is a welcome request for bartenders to meet the challenge. At home, classics like Whiskey Sours, and Old Fashions are easy to make and impress even your best critic.

So now you have this extra knowledge and maybe collected a few bottles for your collection – Do you know how to store your whiskey?