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Banana New Fashioned

Our Lambay Single Malt has notes of ripe banana and inspired us to create a fun twist on a whiskey classic. Winter spices play beautifully off the sweetness of the banana to make this truly delicious old fashioned.

    50ml Lambay Single Malt

    10ml Caramelised Spiced Banana Syrup

    5ml Crème De Banane

    2 dashes Scrappys Chocolate bitters


For the spiced banana syrup: 
In a pan add 200ml water, 3 cloves, half cinnamon stick, large pinch nutmeg, half teaspoon Ras El Hanout. Bring water to simmer and add 150g brown sugar and 30ml honey, stir until dissolved. Turn off heat and strain. 
Add liquid into sealable vessel finely chopped banana to the cooling liquid. Let sit for 20 minutes, give a good hard shake and fine strain one more time.

For the Old Fashioned:
Add all ingredients into a stirring glass, add ice into the rocks and stirring glass and stir for 15 seconds. Strain into rocks glass and garnish with banana slices on a bamboo stick.

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