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Lambay Side-Car

Named after the motorcycle attachment from World War 1, this is a cocktail usually cognac based, but we have twisted it up Lambay style. As a result, our Lambay Side-Car has a delicate yet sophisticated take on a classic.

    40ml Lambay Whiskey Single Malt

    10ml Grand Marnier

    10ml Amaro Montenegro

    30ml Lemon Juice

    10ml Sugar Syrup

    Garnish with orange zest


Chill coupe glass and prepare all ingredients in a shaker. Once all ingredients are in the shaker, add ice and shake hard for 10-15 seconds. When shaken, empty ice out of the martini glass and double strain the cocktail into the glass using a fine strainer. Squeeze the orange zest over the cocktail and leave in the drink and serve.

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