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Lambay Whiskey alights at Moodie Davitt Travel Retail Virtual Expo 2020

Lambay Irish Whiskey Company is delighted to be hosted by a family-owned company, Camus Wines & Spirits at the Moodie Davitt Virtual Travel Retail Expo 2020.

This Virtual Travel Retail Expo is a five-day live event scheduled for 12-16th October, a pioneering virtual trade show and symposium designed to both mirror and enhances a real conference and exhibition, complete with Exhibition Hub, Knowledge Hub (Symposium and Workshops) and Experience Hub (an immersive engagement zone).

It’s a premium event for a premium audience and a world-first for the industry.

Camus is well known for its expertise and buyer credentials within global travel retail and Lambay Irish Whiskey Company is uniquely positioned to gain international market exposure from this partnership.

This inaugural Virtual Travel Retail Expo will be an innovative streamlined customer and buyer experience. All brands belonging or distributed by Camus group in travel retail such as Camus Cognac, Kweichow Moutai, Shede and Gujinggong (GJG) Baijius, French wine brand –Château Loudenne, and Lambay Irish Whiskey will feature in a virtual environment – each holding their own brand identity and promising to deliver bespoke brand experiences and seminars for attendees, therefore, reaching far larger audiences as before.

Lambay Irish Whiskey Company Managing Director, Jean-David Costerg said: “We are delighted to feature as a premium Irish whiskey along within the Camus portfolio alongside Moodie Davitt Report to develop our reach across global Duty-Free. We are very excited to partake in this inaugural Expo”.

Lambay Whiskey is a collaboration between Camus, the world’s leading family-owned cognac producer, and the Baring Family’s Revelstoke Trust, Lambay Irish Whiskey is a combination of centuries-old Irish whiskey making expertise and five generations of French cognac blending and maturation expertise. Launched in April 2018, Lambay Whiskey is a craft Irish whiskey with a cognac cask finish.

Lambay Whiskey will virtually present their flagship brand Lambay Whiskey Small Batch Blend – a blend of malted barley and grain whiskeys finished in French oak cognac casks. as well as feature new product, Lambay Malt Whiskey. This Malt Whiskey is an innovative blend of single malts that are both double and triple distilled, bourbon cask matured, and masterfully blended before finishing in Lambays’ signature cognac-cask style. Bottled at 70cl non-chill filtered and 43% ABV/ Vol.

Also featuring will be the highly exclusive Lambay Whiskey Single Malt- Single Cask Strength, which was first released in Dubai Duty-Free earlier this year. Released exclusively as a cask program, only 20 casks will be sold. All cognac casks used in the finish of this whiskey have been hand-selected by ex- Camus Cellar Master, Mr. Patrick Léger. These casks were carried across the sea from the world-renowned cellars of Maison Camus France, and placed in the bonded warehouse on Lambay Island.

The brand’s maturation warehouse is located on Lambay’s western shoreline and offers perfect conditions for maritime maturation. Sea-spray, iodine, brine and the islands natural botanicals infuse the wood as the Lambay Single Malt matures, the casks offered in this programme have been sleeping since the brand launched, therefore allowing all the environmental elements of several seasons to be absorbed into the wood. Highly exclusive and label personalisation offered this makes for the perfect Travel Retail offering.

All three products will feature at Lambay Whiskeys’ Virtual Expo stand and be presented to both customers and buyers alike.

We might see you there!