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Lambay Your Father’s Day!

Give the gift of ‪Lambay Whiskey this Father’s Day!

After the stresses of the last 12 months, it’s no surprise that this year’s Father’s Day probably marks a year for a lot of Dad’s who had to change up their lifestyles.

From home-schooling to securing a quiet corner at home as an office, and generally being super hands-on for all things family, its been a tough year.

Do you have a stepdad, plant dad, dog dad, best-dad, Granddad, or an expecting dad?

Well if so,  we are doffing our caps to you all in celebration!

So to honor all the great Dad’s out there this Father’s Day, we are offering a special 15% discount on our Lambay Whiskey e-store from June 4th – June 20th   

Whether he’s a Small Batch Blend kind of Dad or more a blended ‪Lambay Malt kind of guy? – we’ll let you decide!

Did you know?

Around the world, Father’s Day is celebrated on different dates, though the day is celebrated in a similar manner, usually involving giving gifts to fathers and family activities.

The most popular date for Father’s Day is the third Sunday in June. This date was first observed in the USA and has since been adopted by many countries.

Father’s Day began in 1910, two years after the first official celebration of Mother’s Day in the U.S.

The holiday began thanks to a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd, who had been raised with her siblings by her widower father, Civil War veteran William Jackson Smart.

Inspired by how her father rose to the challenge of parenting alone, Sonora Smart Dodd thought there should be a special day to recognize dads as well as moms, according to History.com.

Dodd originally wanted to mark Father’s Day on June 5th, the birthday of her father.

Sonora Smart Dodd

She campaigned with local government officials, churches, and other local organizations, and in 1910, Washington state celebrated its first official Father’s Day on June 19th.

History began with the marking of the first Father’s Day celebration.

Over several decades, Smart Dodd continued her campaign to make Father’s Day a nationally recognized holiday.

Multiple presidents, including Woodrow Wilson and Calvin Coolidge, recognized the significance of the day.

It wasn’t until 1970 that Congress passed a joint resolution that would authorize the president to designate the third Sunday in June as the official day.

Much more than a Father’s Day advocate, Sonora Smart Dodd was an accomplished artist, poet, children’s book author, funeral home director, and founding member of just about every civic organization in Spokane.

With all her talents she never let go of her determination to give fathers like hers the recognition they deserved. We couldn’t agree more!

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