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Meet our 2020 USA Brand Ambassador

Meet Matthew Dobbyn, 22 years old and hailing from Whitehall, Dublin.

Matthew graduated from Dublin City University in late 2019, and was lucky enough to have been successfully selected for the IBEC Global Graduates Programme, which has presented him with a placement on the east coast of the United States as a brand ambassador for the Lambay Irish Whiskey.

“Since arriving in Hoboken, New Jersey a week ago today, and having since moved to my new apartment in Brooklyn, New York, It’s sure to say It’s been an exhausting and extremely fast paced week. Overcoming jet lag being one of the many obstacles to face while simultaneously trying to furnish an apartment so that it’s liveable. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting my co Lambay Whiskey brand ambassador Jim Doyle, and was lucky enough to have already met the rest of the team I will be working with the next 18 months. I cannot wait to start next week and I’d love to meet you for a Lambay on us if you’re in town! Keep an eye on my Instagram account for regular updates on everything Lambay. “May your troubles be less and your blessings be more, with nothing but happiness to come through your door!” says Matthew.

Matthew is a keen photographer, motorbike enthusiast and passionate whiskey fan looking forward to spreading the word of Irish Whiskey across the North East coast this year.

Based in Brooklyn in New York city, Matthew “Matty” is keen to drive the taste of Lambay whiskey to bartenders and whiskey fans wherever they can be found, so give him your support and follow him on Instagram @irishwhiskeyginger.