Ginger Lambay Spritz

Ginger Lambay Spritz


THE Ginger Lambay Spritz

Festvities, parties or simply drinks with mates, calls for the perfect party cocktail and this bubbly Lambay whiskey cocktail, with hints of Ginger Spice is the season's favourite as well as keeping the cold away!


1.5 oz (45mL) Lambay Small Batch Blend 2/3 oz (20mL) Ginger Spice Syrup 2/3 oz (20mL) Lemon Juice Top with Sparkling Wine / Dry Prosecco Garnish Lemon twist/ Cinnamon stick / Rosemary


Add Lambay Small Batch, Ginger Spice Syrup and Lemon juice to a shaker Shake then strain over ice into a tall wine glass/ or goblet Top with Prosecco then garnish to to your liking.

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