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Puffin Your Pear Chest

A premium and sophisticated creation that can be enjoyed hot or cold for the winter months ahead. Inspired by the Negroni, this spirit-forward cocktail is high-end, complex in flavour, and perfect for an after-dinner digestif.

  • 35 ml Lambay Malt Irish
  • 15 ml Camus Cognac ( Brandy will also do)
  • 10 ml Fine port
  • 1 Dash Beara Aromatic bitters
  • 2 dash Beara Smoked pear bitters
  • 10 ml sugar syrup / or teaspoon Agave syrup
  • Pinch of course Sea Salt

Serve Cold: In a stirring glass add two scoops of whole ice cubes, then add all the ingredients as above & stir for approx. 2 min. Allow the condensation to build on the outer glass then you know it's ready to strain. Strain into Lambay Tuath glass or Martini glass. Garnish - With a slice of dehydrated Pear slice placed into the glass & serve in a smoked cloche over hickory wood chips. Serve Hot: Mix all three spirits to a pot of hot Earl-Grey tea, pour into a mug or tall glass, and add the bitters syrup & salt.