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Lambay Island has claimed quite a number of shipwrecks, the most notable of which was RMS Tayleur.

She was a ship hailed as the biggest, fastest and safest vessel of her kind, the pride of the White Star Line, set out on her maiden voyage to the chorus of cheering crowds and hopeful passengers dreaming of a better life. But this was to be a doomed voyage and within two days of setting sail for the other side of the world the RMS Tayleur would be wrecked in the waters around Lambay Island. One of the largest merchant ships of her day, she struck the island on 21st January 1854 just hours into her maiden voyage from Liverpool to Perth, Australia and sank with the loss of 380 lives. The Tayleur disaster has often been compared to the Titanic, some people on board managed to scramble ashore, but fatique and the cold claimed the rest. The iron hull of the ship is still lying there in about 18 metres of water, just off the south-east of the island.

If you’d like to read more about the RMS Tayleur check out Gill Hoff’s excellent book on the subject. You can purchase the book here on Amazon. Also why not read our interview with Gill Hoffs when we talk all things Tayleur.