Lambay Single Malt 20 Years Old - Castle Prestige Edition

Lambay Single Malt 20 Years Old - Castle Prestige Edition

43% ABV 700ml

The superlative finish of Lambay Whiskey is not only down to how we harness our blending expertise but also knowing when to let the wonder of nature thrive in the layers of the blend.

Lambay Single Malt 20 YO Castle Prestige Edition is the first age-statement triple distilled single malt in our portfolio and we see this rare and limited-edition bottling as the quintessential expression of our whiskey.

Lambay Whiskey brings together the indulgent flair of cognac, one of the richest French eaux-de-vie and French oak barrels, renowned for what they impart to liquid. The resulting liquid is endlessly elegant - resonant, fruity, at times woody, and with toasted notes and a whisper of spice.

Lambay’s air is rich in sea salt and unique pollen. It’s this beautiful atmospheric interaction that passes through the casks resting on the island. It has an oxidizing effect, albeit on island time, but it eventually shapes the liquid with notes of the local terroir: island botanicals, environmental compounds, and an inimitable maritime brine note.

Our French oak casks are slightly more porous, allowing for more contact between the air and our whiskey. It’s a delicate balance to blend nature’s wild side with whiskey absorption but what results, is a striking sense of place in every sip.

A dedicated microsite is available for you to discover the island stories, explore the impact of maritime maturation and enjoy a private tasting with our Master Blender. Hint: Password "untold".

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Taste Profile

Recommended Serve

A whiskey such as this with its full lingering mouthfeel, salinity, and smooth rich fruits, has its own complexity and would not require strong flavours to accompany it. Best enjoyed as a digestif served with lightly whipped Crème Brulée or simply served neat with a drop of water on the side.

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