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Two distinguished families, a new kind of Irish whiskey and a place of inaccessible mystery. Discover the story of Lambay Whiskey.

Getting ready to reboot and recover!

Well it’s been a tough few months for us all as we re-imagine life before Cov-id 19. While we are still in recovery mode in Ireland, and shops are slowly re-opening we are still remaining diligent with social distancing and keeping each other safe.  At Lambay Irish Whiskey Company, we are looking forward to getting back in front of our customers and while still relying on virtual meetings and tastings, we will continue to keep you informed of upcoming events!

Here’s what’s happening:
Join us on July 18th, 3-8pm for the hottest virtual ticket in town – DISTILLED – Virtual Whiskey Festival with the esteemed crew of  L. Mulligans Dublin. The day will include some of Ireland’s leading whiskey brands including a masterclass with our Global Brand Ambassador, Sabine Sheehan. All day tickets are selling @€70.00 but you can also purchase seperate classes. Tickets are going fast so if interested click here !

How you can support distilleries, bars, and restaurants :
At this difficult time, we ask you to remember to support the many folks who work with whiskey in our industry, from distillery gift shops to whiskey tourism trails, walking tours, and Irish whiskey visitor centres whose livelihoods are affected by recent shutdowns. Ireland’s tourism industry depends on our local support so we kindly advise to considerrevisting your beloved hot spots when allowed or  purchasing gift vouchers for the future that can be redeemed later in the year. A full list of Irish whiskey visitor centres is here.

For those that are unsure how to order their next taoscan of Lambay Whiskey at their local bar, see here for our top tips that will surely remove the angst of ordering for those less experienced!

And gor those that decide to #stayhome why not #support-your-local off-licences and the local community in keeping the industry alive, view latest Ireland’s off-licences offering Lambay Whiskey delivery services here. For all other countries find your nearest store here.



Once upon a rather unusual island, two friends from two very old families had a rather ingenious idea. They’d make a whiskey. But not just any Irish whiskey – our passion lies in wood maturation, and the art of blending and finishing. Inspired by the private island of Lambay, ancestral home of the Baring family, and finished with the techniques and expertise of Cognac House Camus, ancestral home of Cyril Camus.

We’ve blended the centuries-old distilling expertise of Irish Whiskey making with the century-old blending and maturing expertise of House Camus to create this unique and unusual range of Irish Whiskey’s.

Lambay Whiskey Small Batch Blend

Taste the extraordinary with our Lambay Whiskey Small Batch Blend.

  • COLOUR: Pale Oak Brown
  • AROMA: Floral, Citrus and Lingering Spiciness
  • TASTE: Cracked Almonds, Pepper, Malt, Floral
  • FINISH: Spiciness with Lingering Sweetness

Lambay Whiskey SIngle Malt

Expose yourself to the bracing sea air with our Lambay Whiskey Single Malt.

  • COLOUR: Mahogany Brown
  • AROMA: Malt, Green Fruits, Floral, Ripe Bananas
  • TASTE: Coconut, Malt, Dried Berries/Fruits
  • FINISH: Long Lasting Malt with Lingering Sweetness and Green Fruits
The Search for the Perfect Cocktail Recipe Begins

Lambay Whiskey is an Irish whiskey that is always cognac cask finished, whether it’s our Blend or Single Malt there are whiskey cocktail options for each to discover!

Our Drinks
Lambay Apricoini cocktail

THE Apricotini

So you’ve had a hearty meal and need the perfect digestif, then this elegant Apricotini is the ideal pairing. A delightful sophisticated cocktail for after-dinner to get the taste buds going.

  • 40ml Lambay Whiskey Single Malt
  • 20ml Antica Formula
  • 10ml Apricot Brandy
  • Barspoon Dry Vermouth
  • Barspoon Cynar
  • 2 Dashes Black Lemon Bitters

Add ice into a martini glass and set to one side. In a stirring glass add all ingredients and ice. Stir liquid for 15 seconds until diluted. Remove ice from martini glass and strain stirred liquid in. Garnish with dehydrated apricot.

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