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Lambay Posted 16.04.20

Marcus Parmenter, blogger of @SomeWhiskyBloke shares his views on how to create the perfect “Lambay Moment” at home.

“In November last year I had the pleasure of attending the Hague International Whisky Festival. We had a blast, saw numerous people and shared plenty of whiskey. During the festival I was approached by someone, and we had a little chat about Lambay the brand and story, when they suddenly asked me “What is a Lambay Moment”?

I smiled, poured us both a dram and tapped my glass to theirs, and congratulated them on their first Lambay Moment.

So that’s what a Lambay moment is really. It’s enjoying your whiskey with family and friends, sharing space and time with each other, swapping stories (we always like to say our whiskey brings #storiesandsips) and generally having a shared whiskey moment. Lambay Whiskey really fosters shared moments and check out this video where you can really get a sense of what they mean.

Now whiskey festivals aside, it’s unknown when we’ll be having those again, so making your own Lambay moments at home can be a real pleasure and very easy to do.

So how do I do that?

Let’s say you’re at home ( most likely ) and have a bottle of Lambay Whiskey but are looking for something more than a glass of whiskey. Well, get some little ingredients together and make yourself a cocktail! Whiskey Sours, Old Fashioneds, Lambay AJs are all easy enough to make, and can add a little variety to your night. Why not check our our page on recommended Lambay homemade cocktails for inspiration!

Try some of your own ingredients, experiment and tell us how it tastes, you could even try the whiskey in some cooking or baking? Pairing cheeses with our whiskey is also a good conversation starter, such as dry white Cheddars, Blue cheese or even a nice smoked Gubbeen. For those that have a sweet tooth – our whiskey works a dream with dark chocolate such as salted caramel, orange and cranberry dark chocolate (70%+). Our rich cognac cask finish in our whiskey really works well with tropical fruit flavours such as apricot, sultanas, dark cherry, mango so you really have no excuses! Brighten up wherever you drink with some colour. Have a chat, share stories and also share with us on social media and invite friends to toast with you to create far reaching Lambay Moments!

Most importantly be aware of free pour measures when drinking at home, too often the pour may get over generous and we need to remind ourselves of what a unit size is. So folks for all your Lambay moments always drink responsibly!

Have a laugh with your friends, share moments with your family and connect with those you love. Sit back, and enjoy a glass of Lambay Whiskey and if all else fails, put a puffin on your head.

It’s a story you’ll remember.”

Interested in home delivery info for your next Lambay Moment? Click here

Always #drinkresponsibly.

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