The Cocktail Kitchen

Lambay Posted 05.05.21

We are delighted to share the good news that our first-ever brand ambassador for Lambay Whiskey has now created and curated his very own cocktail book called The Cocktail Kitchen.

Calum Murray Threipland has been an avid mixologist and bartender ( amongst other things!) for several years, working closely with brands and as lead tutor with the guys in Dublin Bar Academy and the European Bar School. We knew the day when this puffin did flap away that Calum was onto brighter and better challenges filled with deliciousness and all things spirit-related. we are delighted to share that Calum has curated our Summer Lambay Whiskey cocktails this year and we can only hope and wish that you make some of your own and taste the summer!

The Cocktail Kitchen by Drink In is the new essential countertop cocktail companion!

Take your place in the homemade cocktail revolution! You don’t need a load of expensive or fancy equipment, just some kitchen essentials and a passion for discovering new flavours!

The Cocktail Kitchen book contains:
● Delicious recipes for home-made products
● Cocktails using these home-made products
● Experiments and tests to develop your palate and refine your tastes
● Tips and tricks throughout

Visual learner? Learn best from seeing it done? They’ve got you covered with a suite of top quality how-to videos connected to each product and cocktail!

Just scan the QR code on the book to be brought to a private playlist with instructional videos by the author!

The recipes have been designed to be easy to follow, built around simple and accessible ingredients that combine to create complex flavours. Each homemade product has a corresponding craft cocktail, colour coded for simplicity!

If you’re looking to step up your homemade cocktails, impress your friends and family at the next party or simply explore and experience exciting new flavours, the Cocktail Kitchen is the perfect guide for that journey of discovery.

This mixology book is full of simple recipes that are packed with flavour using accessible ingredients easily found at home, and craft cocktail recipes incorporating all the delicious
homemade products. Drink In has also designed a playlist of HD quality instructional videos with author Calum Murray Threipland for each recipe and cocktail on YouTube for you to follow along with at home.

There is also an offering of a ‘Home Bartender Kit’ complete with cocktail equipment, ingredients and the book, all in one!

Grab your copy of this life-long book companion here.

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