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New Release- Cask 6688 is the latest from our exclusive Single Malt Single Cask Strength range.

Crafted and highly exclusive, our Single Cask Strength expression of Lambay Single Malt is a super-premium collection of single malt whiskey, rich in aromatic concentration and fully impacted by the sea air.

Wholly finished in cognac casks on Lambay Island , our Master Blender’s  has selected this new release for its intense aromatic profile from his most highly prized whiskey casks. A welcome arrival this Spring for budding whiskey collectors, Cask 6688 is the sixth batch , part of Lambay’s private collection. All cognac casks used in the finish of this whiskey have been hand-selected by Lambay’s Cellar Master,  and signed per bottle by Yonael Bernard.

“An intense smooth mouthfeel comes from this single malt with the aromas of vanilla, gingerbread, a little bit of pepper followed by fresh grain, smooth spice (cinnamon), and dry fruits,” said Bernard.

Lambay Single Malt is a triple distilled malt whiskey, bourbon barrel matured and finished in cognac casks close to the island’s shoreline housed in the bonded warehouse called the Sea Cask Room. This location on Lambay’s western shoreline offers perfect conditions for maritime cask maturation.  Always a few degrees warmer than the mainland and lying on the temperate pathway of the gulf stream makes Lambay the perfect environment for cask maturation.

These cognac casks have been hand-selected for their rich aromatic profiles and concentration and carried across the sea from their homestead – the renowned Cognac House of Camus, France.

Sea-spray, iodine, brine, and the island’s natural botanicals infuse the wood as our single malt matures, while the reaction inside the cask is the whiskey interacting with the rich notes of the once filled cognac.

Cask 6688 is unique for its aromas of gingerbread, vanilla and pepper leaving bitter chocolate, dry fruits , candy and oak on the palette and finishing with a long lasting malt and flora for  an outstanding and enjoyable whiskey.

The triple distillation of this single malt and long period of maturation in the cognac cask on Lambay Island makes for a surprising sweet smooth finish especially for this high-strength whiskey at ABV 57%.

This cask is limited to just 446 bottles.


Wish to own your own cask ?

We now offer an exclusive Premium Cask Program for whiskey fans and collectors alike.

Appealing to whiskey lovers around the world, our Single Cask Strength program is an exclusive one-of-a-kind expression of our island matured cognac-cask finished Lambay Single Malt whiskey.

With limited volumes available this is an exceptional product ideal for whiskey collectors and private clubs alike.

Delivering a high level of personalization and customer service along with this unique maritime-influenced crafted product, we are dedicated to ensuring that the customer receives an outstanding super premium crafted Irish whiskey that delivers an exceptional taste.

Only 20 casks belong in this collection of highly exclusive Lambay Whiskey Single Malt – Single Cask Strength casks all bearing the signature finish and having been exposed to the sea air on Lambay.

These casks were carried across the sea from the world-renowned cellars of Maison Camus to our Sea Cask Room on Lambay Island several years ago.


  • Lambay Single Malt – Single Cask Strength, is wholly finished in hand-selected French Oak Cognac Casks.
  • Released for Buyers / Retailers seeking an exclusive offering for their whiskey portfolio.
  • Rare in the world of Irish Whiskey to have a 100% island matured cognac-cask finished cask strength whiskey.
  • Each cask has a unique taste profile and is bespoke to the customer’s selection.
  • Triple distilled, bourbon cask matured, cognac cask finished
  • Each bottle from the cask is recorded with a batch number and bottle number on the label along with the rare signature of Master Blender – Mr. Yonael Bernard.
  • The back or front label can be personalised for the buyer and each cask delivers up to 350 +/- 10% bottles.
  • The alcohol strength is varied per cask from 45-59% Alc/ Vol.


For further information please see our brochure below or email our sales team:  info@lambaywhiskey.com.

Download our brochure here