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Lambay Single Malt-Single Cask Strength

On Lambay Island in our Sea Cask Room, lies a collection of our Master Blender’s most highly prized whiskey casks.

Crafted and highly exclusive, our Single Cask Strength expression of Lambay Single Malt is a super-premium collection of single malt whiskey, rich in aromatic concentration and fully impacted by the sea air.

This Single Cask Strength expression of Lambay Whiskey Single Malt is a pure taste of island life and Cask 2545  is the second single malt single cask strength release for us this year. In April we released Cask 4613 of which we are proud to share sold out very quickly! Well after all there is only an average of 400 bottles per release, each cask varying in finish, aroma, and taste.

Wholly finished in hand-selected French oak cognac casks, all cognac casks used in the finish of this whiskey have been hand-selected for their rich aromatic profiles and concentration and carried across the sea from their homestead – the renowned Cognac House of Camus, France.

Lambay Single Malt is a triple distilled malt whiskey, bourbon barrel matured and finished in cognac casks close to the island’s shoreline housed in the bonded warehouse called the Sea Cask Room. This location on Lambay’s western shoreline offers perfect conditions for maritime cask maturation.

Sea-spray, iodine, brine, and the island’s natural botanicals infuse the wood as our single malt matures.

We have selected Cask 2545 for its round mouthfeel, mature cognac notes with plums, cherries, and oak with long-lasting sweetness oak, and salt creating an outstanding and enjoyable whiskey.

The triple distillation of this single malt and long period of maturation in the cognac cask on Lambay Island makes for a surprising sweet smooth finish especially for this high-strength whiskey at ABV 56.5%.

This cask is limited to just 409 bottles. Each bottle from Cask 2545 is recorded with a batch number on the label along with the rare signature of Lambay’s Master Blender -Yonael Bernard.

Did you know?

We offer an exclusive Premium Cask Program for whiskey fans and collectors alike. Only 20 casks belong in this collection of highly exclusive Lambay Whiskey Single Malt – Single Cask Strength all bearing the signature finish and having been exposed to the sea air on Lambay.

These casks were carried across the sea from the world-renowned cellars of Maison Camus to our bonded warehouse several years ago.


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