Haunted Lambay

Haunted Lambay


THE Haunted Lambay

A seasonal cocktail that goes bump in the night! The blend of Passionfruit and fruit flavours with our Small Batch Blend and Orange Beara Bitters, tickles the tonsils this Halloween. *Specially created by Cian Somers & Paddy Hughes from 33South Main, Naas Kildare.


50 ml Lambay Small Batch Blend 25 ml Lime juice 25 ml Passion fruit puree 35 ml Pineapple juice 10 ml Banana Syrup 2 Dash Beara Orange Bitters 1 Passion fruit half Grenadine


Place a teaspoon of passionfruit into a tulip glass so it rests on the bottom. Shake all ingredients with ice, strain into glass with cubed ice & pour 10ml Grenadine slowly over top to allow the colour to seep through. Top off generously with crushed ice. Garnish – half a passion fruit rubbed with overproof rum (Wrey & Nephew) & set alight. the alcohol burns off releasing a blue flame.

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