Lambay Orange Cinnamon Smash

Lambay Orange Cinnamon Smash


THE Lambay Orange Cinnamon Smash

Brighten up your day with our Lambay Orange Cinnamon Smash! Simple and effective-certainly one of your 5 a day and we recommend using freshly squeezed juice for the real zing on the palette!


1 Cinnamon Stick. 1/2 teaspoon Orange Zest .60ml Lambay Small Batch Blend. 30ml Orange Juice. Topped with Soda Water. Garnished with 1-2 Orange Slices.


Break the cinnamon stick into pieces and add them to a shaker. Add orange zest and juice and muddle it up. Add Lambay Small Batch Blend Whiskey, Orange juice and shake vigorously. Double strain the cocktail into a glass with ice. Top up with a little soda and add the orange slices. Serve immediately and enjoy!

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