Lambay Side-Car

Lambay Side-Car


Lambay Side-Car

Named after the motorcycle attachment from World War 1, this is a cocktail usually cognac based, but we have twisted it up Lambay style. As a result, our Lambay Side-Car has a delicate yet sophisticated take on a classic.


40 ml Lambay Whiskey Single Malt. 10 ml Grand Marnier. 10 ml Amaro Montenegro. 30 ml Lemon Juice. 10 ml Sugar Syrup. Garnish with Orange Zest.


Chill coupe glass and prepare all ingredients in a shaker. Once all ingredients are in the shaker, add ice and shake hard for 10-15 seconds. When shaken, empty ice out of the martini glass and double strain the cocktail into the glass using a fine strainer. Squeeze the orange zest over the cocktail and leave in the drink and serve.

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