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The Lambay Puffin

Lambay island is a very important international sanctuary for breeding seabirds and seals. The sheer cliffs at Saltpan Bay are home to thousands of nesting birds. Observing the hustle of activity and the raucous calls on these cliffs is an enjoyable pastime for local fishermen. Guillemots, gulls, puffins with their bright, colourful beaks, curlews, razorbills, and Kittiwake all nestle on the island’s protective cliffs.
We recognise the Puffin especially as a very special adventurous little bird, so much so that we pay homage to him on the label of every bottle of Lambay Irish Whiskey.
We call him L.W, and he wears a dapper tuxedo and shamrock connecting the heritage of Ireland with the story of our whiskey. Riding proud on the curl of the bow wave, over the sheaves of barley, he stands for wildness, unknown territories, untamed nature and new discoveries, this is our lead character, this is our whiskey.

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