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Where to Buy Lambay in International Online Stores

In the midst of our current lockdown, it’s nice to try new things. Whether it’s cooking, decorating, exercise or – hmmm, how about trying a new whiskey? With the world of whiskey growing larger day by day, it’s important to expand your horizon nose, palate and collection!

While we’ve spoken about where you can order Lambay Whiskey in Ireland here we’ve put together a list of where to buy Lambay in international online stores. Find the top international online store, where you can order some of your favourite Lambay Whiskey and #uncorktheunique!

For our USA customers we recommend Super Buy-Rite Wine & Liqour Store  New Jersey 07310 USA

A large US chain in New Jersey, able to ship throughout the US and coping superbly to satisfy their customers at this time.

Online orders for curbside pickup and local delivery are still preferred.  They request that you place your orders via the website or mobile app, and they will pick your order.  You will get a notification when your order is ready for pickup. Lambay Whiskey is on a deal price here for $29.99

Their delivery and shipping departments are experiencing EXTREME volume at this time, so are no longer able to guarantee orders during specific time slots. If you are looking for updates on your orders, please email shipping@buyritewines.com, instead of calling us.

For our UK Lambay Whiskey fans we recommend…

The DrinkShop– TheDrinkShop.com the UK’s leading online drink shop with a reach in international markets also, check out Lambay Whiskey here for £35.86

Delivered Drinks UK is the dedicated online platform for our UK distributor Distilled Brands and for the month of June they are offering great deals and discounts on Lambay Whiskey in support for the Summerton Whisky Festival. Lambay Small Batch Blend has a 10% discount so get shopping!

The Whisky Exchange

With one of the most comprehensive collections of whisky through any shop, The Whisky Exchange holds just about everything you can imagine. Following this, they deliver to over 55 countries around the world, and any deliveries over £100 have free shipping through the UK mainland. Our two delicious whiskies are available through The Whisky Exchange, with our Small Batch Blend for £35.75 and our Single Malt for £56.25.

Why order from The Whisky Exchange? TWE has long been trusted by the whiskey-loving community, and their blog has been a plethora of information for years.

Master of Malt

Another great site for all your whiskey wants and needs, Master of Malt also offer delivery to multiple locations. You can pick up our whiskeys here, with our Small Batch Blend at £36.25 and our Single Malt at £54.66.

Why order from Master of Malt? Something fantastic about Master of Malt is their help for those affected by the current crisis, £1 of every order goes towards hospitalityaction.org.uk to help those in the hospitality industry unable to work, with over £150,000 raised so far. Helping these workers in these tough times is a brilliant way to show your support.

 For our European Lambay Fans …


The retail giant also holds our whiskeys, with delivery coming in nice and quickly. You can pick up our Small Batch Blend for £36.78 and our Single Malt for £58.46.

Why order from Amazon? With the huge range, you can add a bottle to be a part of your next home delivery, and add a book or two on Lambay Island to the order so you and savour our whiskey and learn of our Island at the same time.


As one of the largest retailers of whiskey in the Netherlands, it’s good to hear that Mitra stores remain open during this time. While unfortunately, they cannot ship outside of the Netherlands, for those within Holland they offer free delivery with all orders over €35 and 102 locations through the country. Our Small Batch Blend can be bought for €34.99, and our Single Malt for €59.99.

Why order from Mitra? Speedy delivery, a great range and a fantastic retailer, they also host shows through the Netherlands all year round to help people discover the wide world of whiskey.

La Maison Du Whisky

Delivering to most European countries LMDW keeps a well-stocked store of all your favourites, Lambay included! For years La Maison Du Whisky has been a favoured online retailer for many enthusiasts, and you can find our Small Batch Blend for €35.90 and our Single Malt for €51.90.

Why order from La Maison Du Whisky? Their approach to bringing people into the whiskey fold has been to hold the huge Whisky Live Paris, bringing together people from all over the world to enjoy and discover whisky, whiskey and more.

Van Der Heijden

Known well within the city of Eindhoven and the Netherlands for many years, Van Der Heijden offers wine and whiskey from all over the world. Following this they deliver to a stunning number of locations, offering free shipping on any orders of six bottles or more within the Netherlands and delivery prices starting at €15 for international delivery. Our Small Batch Blend is available for €32.50, with our Single Malt available for €53.95.

Why order from Van Der Heijden? Supporting the smaller guys is important in these times as its those smaller stores that most of us first discovered a bottle of whiskey and a love for the liquid. It’s important we do our bit to keep them open and make sure others can have the same experiences we did.