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The Whiskey Label That Tells a Story

Lambay Irish Whiskey was born from an intriguing collaboration between two families, CAMUS – the world’s leading family-owned cognac producer and the Baring family’s Revelstoke Trust.

Both families share a history of rarity and refinement, a passion for nature, innovation, entrepreneurship and appreciation for the finer things in life; its about experiences that can be shared including our whiskey.

As imagined the whiskey would be inspired by the island of Lambay, a wildlife sanctuary located just 3 km off the east coast of Ireland owned by the Baring family since 1904 and finished with five generations of expertise in blending and maturation from Maison Camus.

The lead character on the Lambay whiskey label is the Atlantic puffin, a native inhabitant of Lambay island, who rides proudly on the curl of a bow wave over the sheaves of barley – which is, of course, our main ingredient. We call him L.W and he represents adventure and curiosity and is flanked on either side by cognac casks depicting a french Fleur-de-lis. He also proudly wears a shamrock on his lapel to pay homage to the heritage of the founding families.

Our bottle artwork also features images such as three pot stills to honor the century-old art of triple distillation, a taste wheel is placed on the back of the bottle to explain the whiskey’s subtle taste notes and a map of the whiskey’s island home. A small drop of water is seen over the island map to reflect the crafted approach and use of the island’s own water source, Trinity Well that is used in the finish of our whiskey.

Finally, the unique wavelike typography, navigational points and etching on our bottle keeps us firmly rooted to the tides and swells of the Irish Sea.

Create your own #Lambaymoment by recalling a story from our label and you’ll surely be the envy of all your bar buddies!