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Maison Camus

Camus, the world’s leading family-owned cognac producer prides itself on the legacy of five generations of faithfully preserving the brand’s original values. The legendary cognac house is behind the shaping, polishing and finishing of Lambay Irish Whiskey, with Monsieur, Patrick Léger as Master Blender.

Camus owes its international reputation to the richness and extreme subtlety of flavour found in its Cognacs, offering a complexity that appeals to all the senses. The demanding work undertaken by the cellar master to perpetuate this unique style is based on the blending of eaux-de-vie from different crus and of different ages, requiring a combination of technical skill, inspiration and intuition.

The cellar master’s quest for perfect harmony gives rise to an exceptional selection process, with the choices made according to the flavour desired for each creation: floral or fruity notes, how well the crus complement each other, barrel selection and achieving the perfect balance.

Monsieur Léger selects only the finest French oak casks in his pursuit of the perfect Irish whiskey finish. These casks, shipped to the shores of Lambay Island from the cellars of Camus, hold rich aromas that influence our whiskey’s finish, rich colour and taste.

As a final flourish, we take water from Lambay Island’s own Trinity Well to carefully craft this remarkable Single Malt Irish whiskey to a perfect balance of 40% ABV.

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The Baring Family

The Baring Family bought Lambay in 1904 and are still in residence there today.

Meet the Baring Family